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Welcome to Earl's Organic Produce.

Earl's Organic Produce is the sole 100% certified organic handler located on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market. We're passionate about organic produce, our growers, and our customers. That simple fact has made us the leading regional distributor of premium organic produce.

Since 1988 we've partnered with growers of all sizes across California, the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, and beyond to bring diversity, flavor, and quality to the organic marketplace year-round. We find the freshest and tastiest organic produce and distribute it to our wide range of customers such as home delivery services, restaurants, natural food co-ops, independent retailers, regional grocery markets, and national chain stores.

We invite you to learn about what we do, meet the people who grow your food, find out more about sustainable agriculture, and follow the journey of your fruits and vegetables as they travel from farm to fork.

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Bartlett Pears from Argentina, also known as the Williams Bartlett, are the delicious piece of fruit we all recognize and love with its sweet flavor and smooth texture. Pears are picked green but not ripe. They ripen from the inside out and have a fragrant aroma, but how do you know when your pear is ripe? One way is to check the color. The Bartlett pear skin brightens as it ripens and the deep green skin will soften to a golden hue. Touch is another way. Apply gentle pressure to the neck or stem area of the pear and it will give slightly when it is ready to eat. The best way of all is to spend time getting to know your pear. Experiment with cutting them up at different times. You will get to know the exact color and feel of your pear when it is perfectly ripe. Timing is everything! Remember, all pears need to ripen at room temperature. Bartlett Pears from the Southern Hemisphere run from March-July. California historically starts up with Bartlett Pears the end of July or beginning of August out of the Sacramento and Stockton River Delta region. Bartlett pears are perfect eaten out of hand, tossed in a salad, used for canning, preserves, syrups and they are great paired with cheese!BARTLETT PEAR SALAD WITH DRIED CHERRIES AND CANDIED WALNUTSminimalistbaker.com/pear-salad-dried-cherries-candied-walnuts/ ... See MoreSee Less
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At an Earl's Organic Produce welcome station for employees, Erik offers greetings and takes temperatures. #EssentialWorkers ... See MoreSee Less
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Seasonal Eats

Gold Nugget Mandarins have bumpy skin, are very aromatic and are easy to peel. Fruit is seedless with a rich...

  • Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 22, 2021

    Covilli Mexican Valencia oranges are perfect for juicing! They have thin skin, excellent taste, aroma and color.  Sweet and juicy, Gold Nuggets resemble the flavor of Pixies, and they are easy to peel and seedless. Moro Bloods have a beautiful dark red internal color, berry aromas and a wonderfully rich flavor. Tango Mandarins are […]

  • California Winter Avocados

    Most recently we have been seeing the shiny thin skinned Bacon avocado.  The Bacon season is just starting up and will go for at least a few more weeks. It has a mild flavor with creamy flesh. Be careful when cutting this avocado into slices as the skin is very […]

  • Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 14, 2021

    Earl’s Exclusive! Covilli Fair Trade Purple Brussels Sprouts are back! Beautiful shades of purple ranging from a deep, dark purple to a bright violet. Purple Brussels are a little sweeter and have a more mellow flavor than green brussels sprouts. Purple foods are full of antioxidants called anthocyanins, which help […]

  • Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 7, 2021

    New this week! Crespo Mexican Ataulfo and Tommy Atkin Mangos are now available in convenient grab and go 7/3# net bags. Learn more about these two varieties and download a delicious and easy mango salsa recipe in our buyer’s notes this week. Gold Nugget Mandarins have bumpy skin, are very […]

  • California Fuerte Avocado

    Avocados originated in south-central Mexico sometime between 7,000 and 5,000 B.C.  In the early 1900’s avocados began being grown commercially and by the 1950’s there were at least 25 different varieties being grown in California.  The Fuerte was number one and built the avocado industry, accounting for more than two-thirds […]

  • Caviar Limes

    Caviar Limes also known as Finger Limes, have juice vesicles that pop out like caviar when the finger lime is gently squeezed. They have a burst of effervescent tangy lime flavor! They are delicious on top of raw oysters, added to seafood, mixed into guacamole , mixed into the glaze […]


    Salsa Fresca con Papaloquelite Recipe

    Papalo from La Granjita Organica in Salinas Valley is an ancient Mexican herb with similar uses as Cilantro. It has been described by some as somewhere between arugula, cilantro and the culinary herb rue(characteristically bitter); others say it tastes like a mixture of nasturtium flowers, lime, and cilantro.  If you […]


    La Granjita Organica Watermelon Gherkin Agua Fresca Recipe

    Victor and Veronica from La Granjita served this refreshing drink to Earl’s Organic on their farm tour. Antonieta Solorzano, Purchasing & Logistics Assistant put her personal touch on the recipe. Enjoy! To make 1 large pitcher of 56oz use: 6x8oz – Watermelon Gherkins 56oz of cold water Juice from 3 […]


    Sanchez Brothers Cucumber Mojito

    John and Paul Sanchez grow year round hothouse cucumbers on 1 ½ acres in Carpinteria just south of Santa Barbara.  Serves 2 6  peeled cucumber slices 6 lime slices 20 mint leaves 2 tablespoons agave syrup 4 ounces of vodka Tonic water Muddle 4 of the lime slices and mint […]


    Stone Fruit Cobbler

    Easy, Foolproof Cobbler for Any Fruit makes enough for a 9×9 baking dish www.thekitchn.com 1 1/2 cups flour 1 1/2 cups sugar, plus a bit more for sprinkling 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, melted fresh berries or fruit (peeled and cut into chunks) Combine the flour and sugar. Add the […]

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