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Celery Root from Ellwood Canyon Farms

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Celery root, also known as celeriac, has a knobby hairy appearance, but don’t be intimidated. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has a refreshing flavor similar to celery and parsley.  First trim off the top and bottom of the celery root so it is stable on your cutting board. Continue to cut around the rest of the root until all of the peel is gone. Now you can shred it and add it to a salad, cut it into cubes and add to soups or stews or toss the cut pieces with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them. If you are lucky enough to buy celery root with the green tops they are delicious added to soups and stocks. Celery root pictured is grown  by Jack Motter and Jeff Kramer of Ellwood Canyon Farms in Goleta, California, 10 minutes north of Santa Barbara.

Celery Root Field