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Blood Oranges

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Blood Oranges are packed with vitamin C, carotenoids and are high in potent antioxidant properties. The red flesh color varies in intensity depending on the variety, location where the trees are grown and the degree of fruit maturity. Hot days and cold nights are needed to bring out the best flavors in blood oranges. The red blush on the outside of the fruit is because of the sun and not related to the red color of the flesh. Fruit that is exposed more to the sun on one part of the tree will have more of a blush color on the skin which will become darker later in the season if left on the tree longer. Eat them out of hand, juice for a healthy beverage or invite your friends over for a cocktail party. Mix with vodka or mezcal and add a few drops of your favorite bitters. I like Polynesian Kiss from El Guapo Bitters How do you like to eat your blood oranges? #passion4organic #followtheflavor

Blood Orange Juice with an array of oranges