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Who is Covilli Brand Organics?

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The 3rd child of an Italian wife and a French husband- born and raised in Illinois during quite precarious economic conditions- Terry Poiriez was a natural entrepreneur and a visionary who began farming out of chance. By the early 1990’s he had already become a precursor of organic agriculture.

25 years later Covilli Brand Organics is being run by second generation successors and our founders’ legacy of integrity, lives on as our company’s core value; we continue to fulfill our personal commitment towards the highest quality and consistency, because we understand that for our clients, knowing what to expect is crucial.

Our products are grown in Mexico, in the Empalme Valley of the northern state of Sonora, because of its temperate weather during the winter season and ideal location.

Mexico’s farming situation is very complex – the rich soil and varied temperatures allow for everything and anything to grow; historically, farmers and farm workers who are mostly indigenous, have been marginalized, oppressed and forced to walk away from their communities and relocate to the cities, other states or immigrate illegally into the U.S.

Very basic human rights that Fair Trade as a global movement establishes have been denied to many, not only in Mexico but in many other countries, both industrialized and not:

  • Fair wages and dignified working conditions
  • NO child labor, forced or slave labor
  • Equal rights and opportunity between men and women

Over half of our employees are migrant workers from the southeastern state of Guerrero who come back every year during our winter working season; about 75% of them have been returning for many years – a direct result of the equitability and respect we’ve always had for our workers.

The Fair Trade Premium –a few extra cents added to product cost, determined by Fair Trade USA – goes directly to the recently formed Workers Association “Nuchi Sansekan” which means “all together” in Náhuatl, a native dialect of indigenous origin that is still very prevalent. These funds are specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects.

We believe that it is through the Fair Trade Premium that we’ll be able to “bring back” the possibility of a more dignified quality of life for our farmworkers and their families – either at their hometowns in southern Mexico or in Sonora – and the fact that it is the farm workers that determine what project suits their needs and how and when to implement it is what will bring the much needed empowerment, that Fair Trade so consciously promotes.

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