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What is the Secret to Dwelley’s Organic Corn?

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Growing in Brentwood since 1921, Dwelley Family Farms has taken great pride in offering a large variety of premium fruits and vegetables.  Brentwood’s unique microclimate of hot valley days combined with the cool coastal evening breezes creates a perfect condition for growing produce. Sustainability farming practices and how they impact the environment, has allowed the Dwelley’s, generations of producing the healthiest and best tasting produce.  It is said that for the entire Dwelley family, farming has never been just an occupation.  It is a way of life!

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Robert Lichtenberg, Director of Purchasing for Earl’s with Patrick Johnston of Dwelley Farms

Dwelley Farms in Brentwood will have a good supply of Blue Lake Beans and Zucchini throughout the season. Also look for their gorgeous French beans, Romano beans, Yellow wax beans, Gold Bar, Sunburst and Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash and sweet Corn.

Organic corn is difficult to grow because of a major pest, the corn earworm. Patrick Johnston, owner of Dwelley Farms, shares their secret for keeping the corn earworm away!

 How to choose corn without peeling back the husk

  • Feel for plump kernels through the husk
  • Look for brown and sticky tassels sticking out of the top of the ear.  Black or dry tassels mean the corn is old
  • A bright green husk is a sign of fresh corn

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