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Traceland Finishes the California Avocado Season

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The California Hass season is officially coming to an end. We anticipate California fruit winding down over the next few weeks. However, we have Earl’s favorite late season avocado grower out of Cayucos, Traceland, to get us through August and possible into September when Mexican fruit starts to fill the market. Traceland has started up with larger sized fruit in 40/48ct and then will move into 60/70ct as the season progresses. Pricing remains stable but we thoroughly expect prices to increase as demand for avocados remains high and supplies diminish.

Ron and Gail Trace have been growing organic avocados since 2005.  Cayucos is located near the ocean on the central coast, about 4 hours south of San Francisco and 20 minutes northwest of San Luis Obispo, where the unique geography and climate allows year round growing conditions without high heat or killing frosts. Cayucos sits in a small area of coastal land defined by the Santa Lucia Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The ocean cools the hot summers and warms the cold winters.  The land is bisected at various places along its length by wild creeks that flow unimpeded from the coast range to the ocean providing the copious amounts of water avocado trees need to fruit.  Traceland hand picks all of their avocados and delivers them to Earl’s within 24 hours of harvesting. Rock hard and green after picking, they slowly darken and ripen in about 7 to 10 days. “They are best enjoyed when ripened and eaten at room temperature, bringing out their unique, oil flavor and smooth texture,” says Ron Trace.

Jesse from Traceland Avocados

Jesse Trace from Traceland Avocados


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