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Tomatoes in February?

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In recent years, consumers and retailers alike have put more and more of an emphasis on  locally grown produce.  At Earl’s we are very aware of the change in seasons and growing regions and the health benefits of eating seasonally.  At the same time, we also recognize that the #1 fruit in this country is the banana – never local and never in season in California.  As a wholesaler and distributor, we respond to the demand for both local and non-local product.

I remember Earl telling me a few years ago that he never ate tomatoes when not in season. However, each year tomato growers in California and Mexico get better and better at producing an off season tomato. Cedar Mills Eco Farm, located in the Sierra Foothills uses a glass greenhouse to produce cluster tomatoes in winter.  These juicy, delicious tomatoes hardly resemble the light color, low flavor tomatoes many people associate with a winter tomato.  In addition, growers in Mexico grower better and better tasting romas and heirlooms each year. 

When you combine the increased quality, with strong supply and historic low pricing on roma, red grape and heirloom tomatoes, the obvious value is hard to ignore.  For these reasons, we are currently promoting tomatoes on our Earl’s Weekly Specials.   Let your taste buds be your guide – let us know what you think – a great opportunity or a grave miscalculation by the veg buyer?


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