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Three Star Cantaloupes

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Delicious sweet and juicy Cantaloupes have just arrived from Three Star Melons. Three Star has been growing melons in Los Banos, California since 1915, and farming organically since 1998.  Berj Moosekian is a third generation grower and shipper and for 6 weeks out of the year he grows the most flavorful melons.   Los Banos, located on the west side of the San Joaquin valley is widely recognized as one of the best melon growing regions in the world. Berj explains, “Melons were born in the desert.  They thrive in hot, dry climates just like the climate in Los Banos.  In addition, the rich clay soils ensure ultimate quality making Los Banos a marvelous growing region for melons.”  Picking a ripe melon is very difficult and not an exact science but Berj’s experience as a melon grower tells him when it’s the best time to harvest.




Melons ripen on the vine and do not get any sweeter once picked although texture and flavor can improve. Make sure to smell the blossom end before buying, the end opposite of the stem.  You can check the ripeness of most melons by gently pressing on the blossom end of the melon.  A melon should be ready to eat when it gently yields to pressure.  If your finger breaks the skin of the melon it could be over ripe and past its time to eat.  This is not always the case and other reasons for a soft area could be where it was laying on the ground or a bruise it received during transportation. It may be an isolated spot which means the whole melon isn’t bad. The best way to tell if they are ripe is to cut one open and taste it.

In August melons will move up through the San Joaquin Valley into Yolo County near Sacramento.  Follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram for tantalizing photos of melon varieties and updates on our melon growers.


*Available now: Cantaloupes in 9, 12 and 15ct

*Coming soon: Orange Flesh and Sharlyn

*Contact your local sales rep for pricing


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