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The Second Fig Crop Is The Most Flavorful

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California has two seasons of figs. The breba crop is grown on the old  branches of the tree and starts up in June, lasting for just a few short weeks.  This is considered the bonus crop and not all varieties produce a breba crop.  At this point figs have not yet developed the rich honey flavor we love.  We must be patient during the short gap before the second, more flavorful crop starts up in the middle of July. The fruit is grown on the new branches of the tree and these are the figs we have been waiting for with bated breath. The first bite reveals a honey sweetness that is perfect all on its own.

Figs love the hot days and warm nights and are grown mainly in the central valley around the Fresno/Madera area to up north of Sacramento in Corning.  Maywood Farms in Corning, CA, Stellar in Madera, CA and Susie Bee farms from Chowchilla, in the central Joaquin Valley, bring you some of the best organic figs. California ranks #1 in US production of figs and produces 100 % of the USA’s dried figs and 98 % of fresh figs. Figs are weather dependent and need warm days to flourish. We can look forward to enjoying the Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Excel, Kadota, and Adriatic varieties through September as long as the weather holds.

We expect the flavor to be good from the beginning. Eat fresh figs out of hand for a delicious snack, add them to a salad with walnuts or forgo the store bought fig bars and try your hand at making this easy fresh fig bar recipe.


Black Mission Figs



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