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Temperatures Drop in California

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If you woke up this morning and felt that it was colder than usual you weren’t imagining it. Temperatures have dropped down in California, especially in the desert. The last few mornings saw frost and ice in Coachella and the Imperial Valley. Coachella hit a low of 16 degrees today! Northern Mexico also has had lower temperatures than normal. Plants can be severely damaged if harvested before they thaw out so growers will need to wait to harvest until late morning. Most of the wet vegetable items that are grown in the desert can take quite low temperatures and will recover even when frozen. The cold weather reduces the number of hours they can harvest a day.  We can expect availability to be tight, prices to go up and quality defects on leafy items.

Most vegetables are comprised mainly of water and water expands when it freezes causing various types of defects. Epidural peel occurs when the outer layer of the leaf freezes, partially dies and then begins to peel. The leaf will have a translucent look. Tip burn happens when the leaf cells break down from extreme temperature causing the outer edges of the leaves to turn black. Cracking can be seen along the stem or ribs and slight frost damage is noticeable on outside leaves.

More weather and produce updates to come as we begin the new year.

Everyone at Earl’s Organic wishes you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015!


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