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Supply Chain Remains Strong

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A message from our purchasing director

Dear Friends,

Our multiple teams here at Earl’s want to get information out to you, our customers, regarding the next few weeks.

Presently Earl’s Organic Produce is operating more or less as normal. We are continuing to do what we do best–sourcing the highest quality organic produce from this nation’s best growers and providing the excellent customer service we are known for.

The supply chain, though presently strong, will continue to see disruptions. In a normal year, late storms during times of growing region changes (moving out of California deserts and up the state) would disrupt supply and raise prices. Response to the coronavirus has produced an unprecedented demand for fruits and vegetables that in combination with this current weather event has resulted in what we are all seeing right now–rising prices and sporadic supply. California feeds the nation so this demand is huge. Some of our vendors are limiting the quantities we can buy on any given day. For example, bagged carrots are being limited to whatever our average needs have been historically. For certain items please expect that you will be prorated based on our daily availability.

As always we will continue to inform you of any changes in this situation.

We are all in this together – please reach out to me or your salesperson with any thoughts or questions.

Robert Lichtenberg , Director of Purchasing

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