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As we head into Super Bowl weekend guacamole is top of the list for party food. Over 120 million pounds of avocados will be consumed this coming weekend. Imagine a football field filled from one end to the other and piled over 46 feet high!  Over 95% of all avocados sold in the United States are the Hass variety.  At this time of year Hass avocados are coming from both Mexico and California.  The Mexican season is ending and the California season is just starting up out of the San Diego area.

Mexican avocados are a more mature piece of fruit. Just one bite reveals a rich and creamy flesh that is higher in oil content that its California counterpart. A good indicator of a high oil content is the color of the flesh, ranging from a deep green to mustard yellow and surrounded by dark green ring.  Early in the season California avocados are immature with a low oil content and lower flavor profile, indicated by the light green colored flesh.

Pablo Ruiz, the 2015 guac off champion, preps for this years competition

Pablo Ruiz, Earl’s 2015 guac off champion, preps for this year’s competition with Mexican Hass avocados

Avocados do not ripen on the tree. Super Bowl is only a few days away and you need to think about the time it takes to ripen your avocados before game day. Mexican avocados can take up to 4 days to ripen if they are very green. California avocados could take 1-2 weeks to ripen because of how early it is in the season. For the best flavor for your guacamole we recommend buying Mexican avos until the California fruit develops a higher oil content. It is time to get out there and go avocado shopping!

Ripen your avocados on your counter and keep them above 55 degrees but below 68 degrees. Do not store them in the refrigerator. The cold can cause chill damage, turning your avocado grey or black and the heat can cause irregular ripening and decay.   If you need to speed along the ripening process you can put your avocados in a paper bag with a few apples. The natural ethylene from the apples will ripen them quicker. A ripe Hass will turn a darker color. Be gentle! Do not squeeze your avocados or they will bruise. If your avo gives slightly when applying gentle pressure it is ready to eat!


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