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Summer Crops Moving South

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Cooler weather and the first rains of the year start to bring about the seasonal transition from summer to winter crops and the location of where they are grown.  Cucumbers have already moved from California to Mexico.  Zucchini, green beans and eggplants are ending in California and beginning the move to Mexico.  Green beans are one of the highlights of the Thanksgiving dinner but year to year their availability is weather dependent.   If we are lucky to have California green beans the demand is so high that there is never enough to go around.

For those of you who have been following our avocado blogs you know how much we love California Avocados.  The season is almost over so take advantage while you can of the high oil content avocados before they are gone. The rich and creamy California avocados beat out the first of the Mexican Avocado crop which is low in flavor and oil content until later in the season.  So check the stickers on your avocados or ask your produce person before you quickly pick one up at the grocery store and make sure it is California grown!

Strawberries are one item that can go until December in California depending on the weather.  Then the Mexican Baja strawberry deal will kick in until mid-January or beginning of February.  California strawberry production is a volatile affair in the winter.  If we have a “hard” winter, weather below 45 degrees with heavy rain, you won’t find any California strawberries in the store.  If our winter is mild we will have California strawberries just in time for Valentine’s Day when chocolate dipped strawberries are one of the most popular gifts.

Remember seasonality and weather are the two main things affecting the produce you will find when you shop. Follow us in future blogs as we track how produce changes with the seasons.

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