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Side Hill Citrus Satsumas

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Do you want to know where the best Satsuma Mandarins can be found? From our frame of reference Side Hill Citrus Satsumas from Lincoln, in the Sacramento foothills have a variety of tart and sweet flavors that fill your mouth with its rich full flavor. The combination of a higher elevation of 600 feet, nutrient filled organic clay soil, warm summer days and cool nights and using a Satsuma Owari rootstock from China all contribute to growing consistently delicious Satsuma Mandarins year after year.

Rich Ferreira from Side Hill Citrus bought his land in 1975 with only 75 Satsuma trees, in 1991 he became certified organic and now has over 2000 Satsuma trees. When I asked Rich how he knows when the Satsumas are ripe and ready to pick he answered “when my dog likes to eat them”.

You will never taste a more amazing citrus than the Satsuma Mandarin. They have no seeds and the skin peels right off.  Look for Satsumas with an aromatic smell, firm tight peel, no dented spots and a heavier fruit means they are juicier. They can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator, but not for too long because prolonged storage can dry them out.

A 2008 U.S. Department of Agriculture study said Satsumas have six to seven times as much synephrine, a natural decongestant, as other citrus. Four or five Satsumas have enough synephrine to equal the effect of a Sudafed tablet, the study said. Satsumas are also naturally low in calories and a single fruit contains 34 percent of the USDA daily recommendation for vitamin C.  So stay healthy this winter and pack a few in your lunch or for a snack during the day.  The season is now and only runs through the beginning of January.  Make a delicious cocktail with Satsumas for that special holiday party. Randy, our resident chef at Earl’s loves to mix Satsuma juice with tequila for that perfect cocktail.

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