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Satsumas Are Coming…

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Memories of sweet juicy Satsumas are coming back to me as November draws closer. We can expect the first Satsuma Mandarins to land at Earl’s by the end of October, a little earlier than last year. This could partially be due to a consistently warmer spring and very little temperature fluctuation during the growing season.

Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, CA, located in the Sacramento foothills, has the best Satsuma Mandarins in our opinion. Rich Ferreira is a 4th generation farmer who started with only 75 trees back in 1975. Rich has been certified organic since 1991 and now has over 2000 trees. The combination of a higher elevation of 600 feet, nutrient filled organic clay soil, warm summer days and cool nights bring out the delicious flavor in Rich’s Satsumas.

Satsumas are perfect for a quick snack anytime. The peel comes right off and there are virtually no seeds. If you are feeling under the weather eat four or five Satsumas a day to receive six to seven times as much synephrine, a natural decongestant, as other citrus.

Don’t miss the 20th annual Mandarin Festival this year in Auburn, CA at the Gold County Fairgrounds. November 22nd, 23rd and 24th taste Mandarins from local growers and try a fun variety of Mandarin inspired food including mandarin shakes, chocolate dipped mandarins, mandarin dessert pizza and more.  http://www.mandarinfestival.com/

We will let you know when the Side Hill Citrus Satsumas arrive at Earl’s. Stay tuned!

Satsuma Mandarin


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