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Romaine Advisory Lifted For Certain Growing Regions

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Earl’s Organic Produce will have Romaine and Romaine Hearts available this Friday for Saturday delivery.  The FDA has lifted the romaine advisory for certain growing regions.  Romaine items grown in the winter growing areas, including Arizona and the California desert and harvested after November 22nd are cleared. These growing regions were not yet at harvest maturity, and therefore not being harvested in September or early October, so they could not possibly have supplied the romaine that is suspected of causing this outbreak.

The FDA has also recommended, and the industry supports, that producers voluntarily stamp their product with the region sourced from and identify if the included romaine was harvested after 11/23. All of Earl’s Organic romaine lettuce, romaine hearts and salad mixes are now coming out of the California desert only and are compliant with the USDA guidelines to label each box with the harvest date and growing area.

Additionally organicgirl products are using only romaine from the winter growing regions and harvested after November 23rd.  Each clamshell will be labeled with the harvest area and date of harvest. This includes romaine for all of the below organicgirl products:

  • 50/50 Blend
  • Baby spring mix
  • I heart baby kale
  • True Hearts romaine leaves


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