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Produce Matters! 4.25.11

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Eat This Now! This Week in Produce at Earl’s.

Spring is HERE! Lots of new items! We’ve got the start of the Spring crop CA Avocados. We just came off one of the largest California Avocado Crops, so remember this new fruit will have lower oil than it did about a month ago. New crop has lower oil content but has excellent flavor; as it matures and stays on the tree the oil content will come up. Spring brings Fuerte Avocado’s. We’ve got some lovely smooth skinned Fuerte’s from Stehly. Their creamy texture and lovely pale green color have superb flavor. In addition to tasting great, it also aids in circulation, lowers cholesterol, dilates blood vessels and acts as an all around anti-oxidant.

PEAS! We’ve got Snaps and English from Tutti Frutti in Lompoc, CA. Snaps are a combination of English and Snow Peas and contain the best traits of both: Crisp, tender pods that enclose plump, round peas. English are a perfect treat for an on the go snack, the easy to peel pods reveal a real spring sweet treat!

Tutti Frutti also has Zucchini, Dino and Green Kale available. Check out all the bounty that Tutti Frutti has to offer. We work exclusively with this grower for good reason, he does a wonderful job and you can taste it in everything he grows.

New Crop Potatoes are also in from Tomorrow’s Organic- California grown! We have Red and Gold. They’ve got great color and are very clean. New crop potatoes cook faster than their stored counterparts and also have a much richer flavor. They don’t need to cook as long and don’t need as much seasoning-perfect for the grill!

The Easter Bunny brought us lovely Rhubarb from the Pacific Northwest. It pairs well with the abundant supply of Strawberries we’ve been having and will continue to have. Strawberries and Rhubarb display well with each other, great as a duo in pies, jams and chutneys…the possibilities are endless. Expect some major Mother’s Day promotions from us on Strawberries!

In Blueberry news, we’re continuing with Blues from Forbidden and the quality continues to be excellent. If you haven’t tried these gems, do NOT miss out!


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