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Produce Marquee Moments

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Josie’s red cabbage are a stunning deep purple with a striata of green veins running throughout.  The outer leaves on these dense heads are still intact indicating a lack of bug damage. The beautiful misty layer of blueish coating on the leaves is known as the bloom and is a sign of freshness. The more pronounced the bloom the closer to harvest the cabbage is. The red color is due to flavonoids, an antioxidant that is thought to help reduce cancer. Red cabbage is also a great source of fiber and vitamin C. Just one cup of chopped red cabbage has 56% of the recommended daily dose. Josie’s produce is grown in Bakersfield at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley about 5 hours south of San Francisco. Red Cabbage double Josies


Fragrant California grown Meyer lemons have soft thin skin with a deep yellow color and they are sweeter and less acidic than a Eureka or Lisbon lemon. The thin skin means they can be eaten peel and all! Their sweeter flavor lends themselves perfectly to desserts. It is believed they are a cross between a common lemon and a mandarin or orange. As with all citrus they are best eaten at room temperature. Roll them gently on the counter to get the juices going and then eat away! Start your morning off right with a few lemon slices in warm water and a pinch of cayenne to give your digestive system a kick start. Meyer lemon cropped blog


Moro Blood Orange season is just starting up and the floral fragrance will only increase as we get farther into the season. The colors range from a deep purple to the various shades of a sunset. It is still not known exactly why the insides turn red but it could be because blood oranges contain anthocyanins, a family of pigments common to many flowers and fruit, but uncommon in citrus fruits. Anthocyanins contain antioxidants which help protect our body from free radicals which can lead to degenerative diseases and pre-mature aging of the skin. Blood oranges are also packed full of vitamin C which helps strengthen our immunity system. Hot days and cold nights are needed to bring out the best flavor so it is no surprise that Moros are commercially grown in Southern California, Texas and Florida. Earl’s bloods are coming out of  San Diego County, California. Blood Oranges


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