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Permaculture, the Transition Initiative, and the Future of Farming by Ben Block

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I attended a seminar at the Eco-Farm 2013 conference presented by Penney Livingston-Stark entitled “Permaculture, the Transition Initiative, and the Future of Farming.”  Penny works at the Regenerative Design Institute, a non-profit educational institute in Bolinas, CA,  that focuses on spreading the ideas of permaculture and developing the skills to implement them.  Permaculture takes many different forms, but it is essentially an attitude or approach towards solving problems that centers around paying attention to natural patterns.  Throughout the course of the presentation, we were introduced to communities all over the globe that are implementing holistic approaches to sustainability and permaculture.  Some of these communities are part of the Transition Initiative, a movement that seeks to strengthen local communities by decreasing their dependence on non-local inputs.  The Transition Initiative takes seriously the coming crises of our dwindling oil reserves and “climate weirding”, also known as climate change, and attempts to divert our impending doom by increasing the resilience of local communities through citizen-led action.  Of the many important ideas discussed, one that stuck with me was the importance of working within established legal parameters in order to maintain legitimacy as a movement.  Though this approach often reduces momentum as it must tread with care, it has the potential to provide more solidified and permanent change (and is in effect an application of permaculture on the societal level.)

Here are a couple of books we recommend on permaculture that we found at the Eco-Farm Conference marketplace.

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison


Permaculture by Sepp Holzer



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