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Nagami Kumquat

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What citrus is small enough to pop in your mouth?  If you guessed a kumquat you’re correct!

Kumquats are a unique member of the citrus family and are thought to come from China.  The two main varieties of kumquats are the sweet and tart oval shaped Nagami and the sweet round Meiwa.  There are many other varieties of kumquats and hybrid kumquats including the Limequat, Orangequat and Yuzquat. Today let’s take a closer look at the Nagami kumquat.

The versatile bite sized Nagami kumquat is small and fun to eat.  They don’t need to be peeled which makes them perfect for snacking.  Their sweet flavor comes from the rind and the tartness is in the flesh. The inch long Nagami is completely edible including the seeds.  You are in for a powerful sensory experience as the ZING of the sourness hits your taste buds and your mouth puckers up.

Nagami heart cropped

Nagami heart


How to eat a kumquat:

Let the fruit come to room temperature and then gently rub the kumquat between the palms of your hand to get the juices and oil going, releasing the amazing citrus fragrance. Pop them in your mouth and enjoy!


Christie, Susan and Kathy rub kumquats between their hands.


My new favorite way to eat them this year is to slice them up and add them to a quinoa salad made with yogurt and your favorite veggies. Put the filling in a toasted wheat pita and you have a healthy lunch.

Kumquats can be hard to find at times but worth searching out. California leads the nation in production.  Northern San Diego County is where many farms focus on specialty crops such as kumquats but they can be found growing as far north as Placerville, north of Sacramento.

Nagami kumquats will be special the week of March 3rd. Get them while they are in season!


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