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Marquee Veg Moments- Rhizomes for Juicing

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If you are like me you are enjoying overindulging during the holiday season. January 1st comes way too fast and then thoughts of being healthier are on everyone’s minds. Juicing is a great way to take a break from all the rich foods. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting items that look great, are good for your body and great for juicing.

Burdock root, ginger and galangal are all rhizomes, underground stems of a plant that produces roots from which a variety of plants can grow. Burdock root from Winter Green Farm is grown just west of Eugene, Oregon. We are seeing nice clean roots free of dirt. Burdock is also known as gobo and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is a good blood cleanser and detoxifier. The roots are harvested in the first year and the second year it goes to seed and produces burrs. These burrs were the inspiration for Velcro!  The season runs from October to January.

Burdock Root Winter Green Farm

Nicely cured ginger from Peru has clean big hands. Ginger is good for fighting inflammation, improving circulation, digestion and immunity and works great to help an upset stomach and nausea. The Hawaiian season is right around the corner and we will see ample supplies on the market. Ginger La Gramma

Just in from Hawaii is sharp looking galangal from Kauai Organic.  Galangal helps remove toxins from the body, reduces cramps, aids in healing bruising and swelling and helps reduce gassiness.  As a relative of ginger it also helps with upset stomachs and nausea. It is much thicker and harder than ginger and almost replaces ginger entirely in Thai cooking. It has a pungent mustard flavor and is much spicier than ginger.  Be careful when juicing, you only need to use a small piece.

Galangal Kauai Organic



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