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Marquee Morning Veg Moments-Fresh onto Earl’s Produce Dock

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The Heger Green Swiss Chard is looking great today! Cool nights out of Brawley in the California desert, make the color pop on these healthy greens. Dense cell structure really shows in beautifully bunched crisp greens. Nice large bunches are the perfect retail size. Growers grow different varieties for different reasons and this variety is just stellar!



What is Romanesco and where does it come from? Don’t look at it too long or it might hypnotize you.  Grown by Capay Organics in Capay Valley, northwest of Sacramento in Yolo County, Romanesco’s conical spiral shapes look like they come from another world. This sweet and nutty cauliflower is not to be missed! 20151218_081556-01

Cilantro from Lakeside is coming out of Holtville, near El Centro at the southern end of the Imperial Valley. Vibrant plant structure gives us full bunches of herbs. Cilantro doesn’t get any cleaner or more beautiful than this. 20151218_082145-01

Cal-O Bunched Spinach is coming out of the Coachella desert, just north of the Salton Sea.  We are seeing beautiful, large and unblemished leaves free of bug pressure. High in iron, Popeye would be proud to eat this spinach!



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