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Lakeside Organic Develops Sustainable Agriculture Learning Center

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In the twenty years Earl’s Organic has been working with Lakeside it is great to see them reach such an important goal. We congratulation Dick Peixoto and the Lakeside family on fulfilling their dream.

Lakeside Organic Gardens Provides $2 Million in Funding for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Learning Center

by Lakeside Marketing

January 8, 2016 – Dick Peixoto’s dream of having an educational facility to showcase organic farming is closer to becoming a reality. Dick and the Peixoto family have contributed $2 million dollars to the development of an organic and sustainable agriculture learning center. This center will be a resource for people interested in starting an organic farm, learning about organic farming or those just interested in seeing how their food is grown organically. The facility, which is still in the planning stages, will incorporate education, history, techniques and future innovations of organic farming. All aspects of organic and sustainable agriculture will be benefited, including careers in organic farming. Lakeside Organic

Lakeside Organic Gardens announced these plans in conjunction with the $2 million dollar gift to the Pajaro Valley non-profit organization “Agri-Culture, Inc.” Lakeside will be working directly with Agri-Culture, Inc. to facilitate the development of the fund and learning center.

The purpose of this learning center in the Pajaro Valley is to educate, train, teach and otherwise advance public knowledge of all aspects of organic and sustainable farming practices, including jobs and careers. This development will open up many great opportunities for the organic agriculture community to collaborate.

Dick Peixoto, founder of Lakeside Organic Gardens, stated: “The public has shown us a strong interest in organic and sustainable agriculture. I feel strongly that the proposed learning center will create opportunities that will allow the public to advance its knowledge while encouraging careers in organic agriculture through education and focused training programs.”

In receiving the gift, Agri-Culture, Inc. President, Steve Bontadelli stated, “We are honored to be chosen to help Dick Peixoto and his family fulfill their dream of providing educational programs focused on organic and sustainable agriculture.” Bontadelli further commented, “Our area has been the leader in organic and sustainable agriculture. It’s wonderful that the program Dick Peixoto envisions will benefit the public, the industry and our local area.”

Jess Brown, Executive Director of Agri-Culture, Inc. noted “Other individuals, corporations, foundations, etc. that see the importance of this vision are encouraged to donate to the fund so that more programs can be provided.”

Click here for the online press release.



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