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January Market Disruptions

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Historically December and January see disruptions in organic markets due to various factors such as frosts, winter storms, less daylight hours and holidays.  2020 brought even more challenges with Covid-19. Unfortunately many workers have been hit hard by Covid-19 with many packing sheds having challenges. Consequently field laborers and trucking companies are experiencing challenges due to the lack of workers, tightening up an already challenged labor force. Trucking issues have caused numerous challenges around the holidays and beyond. Covid-19 has thinned the volume of available trucks leading to loads that do not have a way to get to us, limiting supply on many items. Imports are limited as well, mostly due to extreme back ups in the Southern California ports.

Prices and availability are the most unstable often in these months. Prices will continue to stay high until the supply side stabilizes. The thing to remember is that most of the US is pulling produce from the same area that we do at this point in the season.  Demand is great – supply isn’t. Price and quality do not track side by side. Often higher prices reflect difficult growing conditions and veg has more cosmetic challenges than we are used to.  We are hoping that this disruption will resolve itself in the coming weeks. 

We feel immense gratitude for our resilient growers who keep their workers safe while continuing to harvest and ship quality organic produce to sustain our communities during these adverse conditions. 

If you missed our blog “Cold Weather Challenges” read the online blog and know what to expect in terms of prices and veg quality as we work through this difficult time. https://bit.ly/shortdaysgrowingchallenges

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