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Heavy Flooding In Peru Affects Banana Production

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Unusual heavy rains in Peru have caused a natural disaster with major flooding in 22 provinces and affecting thousands of hectares of banana production.  A state of emergency has been declared with at least 15 dead, about 5,000 homeless and 44,000 people affected in total, with rain expected to continue for at least another 3 months.  Water levels continue to rise and at least 40% of the banana plantations are flooded across the entire Piura region on the Northern Coast, from both the rain and floodgates on dams being opened.  Some areas have received 30 years of rain in less than a few days.

The major problem is trees with larger stalks toppling over, as well as not being able to access the plantations. The growers will not able to harvest for some time, and yields will be lower.  All of Earl’s fair trade bananas in Peru come from Tumbes and Piura  and are supplied from BOS (Asociación de Bananeros Orgánicos Solidarios). BOS was founded in 2003 and is comprised of 619 growers with the goal of promoting the development of small scale organic banana farmers.   We can expect limited supply from BOS for at least the next month.  Supplies will continue from other growers.

Below are two videos of the damage caused by the floods. The videos are in Spanish because of the limited coverage of the natural disaster in English.



Check with your local retailer selling fair trade bananas if you would like to donate to the Emergency Peru Relief Program.


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