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Hayton Farm Blueberries Are Back

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Earl’s is excited to be bringing back Hayton Farm blueberries out of Washington. Hayton Farm’s fifth-generation, Angelica Hayton, and her fourth-generation parents, Robert and Susan, are passionate about growing organic berries. As a child Angelica sold freshly picked berries at the end of their driveway and now she is charge of over seventy farmers markets in Washington. She believes that the future of their farm is “in growing organic berries that are picked and sold fresh every day.” Angelica was very instrumental in convincing her father to make the transition to organic 10 years ago.

Angelica and Robert Hayton

Angelica and Robert Hayton

The Hayton family farm is located in beautiful Mt. Vernon, in Skagit Valley on the Northwest side of Washington, known for their rainy days and lush farmland.  Mt Vernon is a special little valley with cool temperatures that allows the blueberries to mature without stress and develop a good berry flavor. It can be 76 degrees in Mt. Vernon and upwards of 90 degrees in Portland just a few hours away.  Imagine the difference between the cooler weather in Watsonville and Salinas on the California coast and the warmer weather inland.

Hayton Farm Family Farm since 1876

Hayton Family Farm since 1876

As each preceding generation passes the farm to the next, so too passes the responsibility of honoring tradition while continuing to adapt, with the goal of sustainability. The Haytons value the labor force that plays a big part in achieving that goal.  They prioritize providing above average wages and have invested in housing for their employees within the Mount Vernon area.

Hayton blues have that true blueberry flavor you have come to expect in summertime. Eat them fresh or freeze a bunch to enjoy during those cold winter months.  The variety of berries they grow allows them to start the season in early June and they will be available at Earl’s through mid-August.

Blueberry Market Update:

The California blueberry season ended in June, and we have moved up into the Pacific Northwest where the blueberries are in peak season with fruit coming out of Oregon and Washington. During the peak season of July we will see larger 18oz and pint pack sizes.  As we head into August supply will begin to slow down and pack sizes will be smaller.  Blueberries are very weather dependent and we can expect supply to be tight as we head into the cooler months of September and October. The import season starts up again in November and December with blueberries out of Chile.


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