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Grateful Greens Wheatgrass

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Earl’s is starting an exciting new partnership with local wheatgrass grower Grateful Greens.   George Phillips, owner of Grateful Greens has been growing wheatgrass since 2007 when he bought the company and he became certified organic in 2010. George left the stressful and busy life of High Tech and Wall Street to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  He has always believed that nutrition and a healthier lifestyle are connected.

George has 14 acres of land in Brentwood, CA about an hour east of San Francisco, with 11,000 square feet of greenhouse space.   He grows 90% wheatgrass and 10% sprouts including sprouted bean mix, sunflower and pea sprouts.  George composts any extra organic matter and he is also working on using solar energy to power the fans and control the temperatures in the greenhouses.

Wheatgrass Seeds at Grateful Greens

Wheatgrass is well known for its health benefits as a super food.  It contains a high concentration of nutrients including chlorophyll, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.   Wheatgrass has a strong “grassy” flavor and some people like to add a little lemon or orange juice to make the shot taste less bitter. If you add a drop of vanilla it adds a little sweetness to the wheatgrass.  One shot of wheatgrass has the same nutrients as a good-sized spinach salad. 

Wheatgrass is at its peak nutritional value when it is 5-6 inches tall and it doesn’t taste as bitter. Wheatgrass can be grown outside but it is much easier to control the quality and taste by growing it inside a greenhouse.  It is grown by soaking the red, winter wheat seeds for one day, draining the water and then planting the seeds in trays.  The wheatgrass needs to be lightly watered 2-3x a day until it’s harvested.  The water used to grow the wheatgrass drains into a retention pond and goes back into the aquifer.  The Growth cycle really depends on weather.  In the winter when it’s colder it could take up to 12 days to grow. In the summer when it’s warmer wheatgrass can grow to its ideal height in 10 days.  The wheatgrass is shipped in trays and is still alive up until it is juiced.

Many people drink wheatgrass juice as part of a detoxifying program.  George says that wheatgrass can help mitigate the effects of some of the compromising we do in our diets.  The easiest way to try wheatgrass is to buy a shot at a juice bar or if you’re really serious you can juice it at home with a masticating manual juicer.

We look forward to growing our partnership with Grateful Greens. George’s wheatgrass is here now!


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