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Eat This Now! This Week in Produce at Earl’s 5.04.2011

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We’ve got Mangoes, Mangoes and more Mangoes! We’ve got a great deal on Haden Mangoes this week. Haden Mangoes are possibly the most striking to the eye due to their vibrant colors. Their beautiful reds, oranges, and yellow’s jump out to the eyes and scream “Buy Me – I must be good!” and trust us, they are. Hailing from Mexico, these mangoes are an incredible value and their flavor is at its peak. We also have some spectacular Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo’s this week. Why not spruce up your department with a Varietal Mango display?

Navels are also on special from Sespe Creek and Sundance this week, this fruit is eating exceptionally well. Remember to continue to take advantage of late season citrus varietals as the fruit just gets sweeter and sweeter.

We’ve got the first load of Peaches from Mexico coming in tonight. Check with your salesperson Tuesday a.m. for a flavor update!

Cedar Mills is on special again this week with their delicious Cluster Tomatoes. Cedar Mills Eco Farm is a four-acre Dutch System Greenhouse located in the Sierra Foothills. Situated at 3,000 feet, the perfect altitude for greenhouse growing, Cedar Mills is a community venture that brought a sustainable business to the site of a former sawmill. If you haven’t tried these clusters you’re missing out. They are bright red with excellent flavor!

Get your Jalapenos this week for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations. They tie in perfectly with our new crop California Avocados AND the Cilantro from Tutti Frutti!

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