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Earl’s Organic Renews Food Safety Certification

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For the third consecutive year Earl’s Organic Produce renews their Food Safety Certification under the direction of Pablo B Ruiz, Manager of Food Safety.   Pablo coordinates with the warehouse supervisors, staff, custodian and crew to ensure that all procedures are followed. Over 10 detailed logbooks need to be maintained on a daily basis, keeping track of the product and cooler temperatures, sanitation logs and a microbiological program to lab test water and ice to prevent bacterial contamination of the produce. In addition extensive training for each employee is mandatory on food handling and care, from the time it is received, stored in the coolers and then loaded onto trucks going out for delivery to our customers.

It is important for a company like Earls, dealing in produce every day, to have a food safety program in place. Over the past 3 years Earl’s has learned a lot about the small details that make a big difference on how our food is handled. Pablo is “proud to be the person handling the food safety program and to work with a fantastic group of professionals that take food safety seriously.His goal is to help customers to create systems at the retail level to increase food safety awareness and care for each fruit and vegetable that goes out to the consumer.


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