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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes March 7, 2021

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Steady Washington Red D’Anjou, Anjou and Golden Bosc fruit. Bartlett Pears from Argentina, also known as the Williams Bartlett, are the delicious piece of fruit we all recognize and love with its sweet flavor and smooth texture.  Pears are picked green but not ripe. They ripen from the inside out and have a fragrant aroma, but how do you know when your pear is ripe?  One way is to check the color. The Bartlett pear skin brightens as it ripens and the deep green skin will soften to a golden hue.  Touch is another way.  Apply gentle pressure to the neck or stem area of the pear and it will give slightly when it is ready to eat. The best way of all is to spend time getting to know your pear. Experiment with cutting them up at different times. You will get to know the exact color and feel of your pear when it is perfectly ripe. Timing is everything! Remember, all pears need to ripen at room temperature. Bartlett Pears from the Southern Hemisphere run from March-July.  California historically starts up with Bartlett Pears the end of July or beginning of August out of the Sacramento and Stockton River Delta region. Download the latest fruit and vegetable organic updates each week!


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