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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes March 14, 2021

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New this week- Blood Orange Sanguinelli are more sweet than tart. Dried Mangos are now available in a 1 pound pack. Golden Sunrise Papayas are winding down.  Watch ripening, storage and eating tips on Earl’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/earlsorganic/

Sun Valley Farms in the Pajaro Valley, an Earl’s Exclusive, is harvesting a bounty of red, green and rainbow chards and red and green kale. Did you get a chance to try Sun Valley’s newest addition to the greens family?  Gai Lan or Chinese Broccoli, has a taste similar to broccoli but slightly more bitter. Gai Lan is a Brassica oleracea plant species that includes cultivars such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts and collard greens. Beautiful flat, glossy green leaves with thick stems and florets, Gai Lan can be substituted for broccoli in stir fry recipes. Quick Tips!  Blanch in hot water before stir frying to help remove some of the bitter taste and keep the crunchy texture. Stir fry the stems first and then add in the leaves. Call in your order early on this delicious bitter green. Once it runs out Sun Valley will be gapping on Gai Lan for a few weeks until the next field is ready to be harvested. Download this weeks organic fruit and vegetable update and pos materials to highlight your retail display.


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