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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes June 6, 2021

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Record heat waves are hitting the Central San Joaquin Valley  with temperatures expected to hit triple digits through the weekend and into next week.  Hot days can affect the length of harvest time and availability of the fruit. If the extreme heat lasts for a long period of time it can stress out the trees and stop the fruit from sizing up and ripening. Growers have started harvesting early to avoid issues from the heat. We will not see a breba fig crop from Maywood this year due to the drought. Maywood expects to start up with their regular crop in July. Read more on the Breba crop below. Divine has started with their specialty grapes out of Sonora. Gummyberries kick off the season, followed by Jellyberries and Candy Hearts.

The sun is long in the sky and Comanche Creek Farms in Chico is heating up.  The heat blast is short and the nights are still cool enough to let the plants rest.  Summer squash is coming on strong! (Comanche Creek is growing 35 varieties). Make sure to download the summer squash chart below. We could see some early girl tomatoes as soon as next week. Comanche Creek mixed heirlooms are just around the corner. Sun Valley red kale, green and rainbow chard are coming on in a bigger way and we may see some romanesco and orange and purple cauliflower in the coming weeks. Dwelley started up this week with blue lake, romano and yellow wax beans.  Download the weekly Buyer’s Notes here.


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