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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 22, 2021

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Covilli Mexican Valencia oranges are perfect for juicing! They have thin skin, excellent taste, aroma and color.  Sweet and juicy, Gold Nuggets resemble the flavor of Pixies, and they are easy to peel and seedless. Moro Bloods have a beautiful dark red internal color, berry aromas and a wonderfully rich flavor. Tango Mandarins are a seedless Murcott. Its rind is rich with citrus oil and aromatic when pierced or muddled. Nagami and Meiwa Kumquats are now at the peak of flavor. Don’t miss the new Centennial Kumquat from Buck. Its sweet skin has moderately acidic pulp. Larger than your Nagami or Meiwa, it also has a greater proportion of juicy flesh and a thinner peel. Cara Caras, also known as the pink navel, have gorgeous internal reddish pink flesh.  Fragrant Meyer Lemons are in good supply. Lime prices are increasing. Pummelos are back in stock. Lee  Mandarins have a deep orange rind with a sweet, aromatic flavor. They are somewhat easy to peel. Maramalade Oranges, also called Seville or Bitter Oranges are great for making candied citrus and marmalade.  Finger Limes(also known as Caviar Lime)  have a tangy effervescent flavor. Gently squeeze the “caviar” out of the fruit and garnish sushi, seafood, melons, desserts or your favorite cocktail. Catch all the weekly organic fruit and veg updates each week and download Earl’s Winter Citrus Guide!


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