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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes December 13, 2020

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Earl’s has a full line of Club Apples.  Look for our new Club Apple Category on our price list! Club apples are varieties that are not just patented, but also trademarked and controlled in such a way that only a select “club” of farmers can sell them.  Learn more about Club Apples on our Weekly Buyers Notes.  Download them here.

  • Ambrosia: Mildly sweet and tart with tropical notes. Very refreshing, crisp and juicy. Resists browning.
  • Autumn Glory: Crunchy, sweet with hints of cinnamon and subtle notes of cinnamon.
  • Cosmic Crisp: Crisp, juicy, sweet-tart. The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture. Some say it snaps when you bite into it!
  • Envy: Smooth, sweet, aromatic with dense creamy yellow flesh that doesn’t turn brown.
  • Jazz: A crisp hard apple and the butter yellow flesh has an excellent strong sweet-sharp flavor with a pronounced fruity pear drop note.
  • Juici: Dense and sweet with a hint of tart. Crisp and juicy. Texture is similar to Honeycrisp but not as sweet.
  • Koru: Crisp, juicy, sweet flesh with notes of honey, orange juice, spice and vanilla.
  • Opal: Visually it resembles the Topaz with a ruby and orange blush, and an attractive golden yellow flush
  • Pinata: Tropical, crisp and very sweet, so much that you don’t notice the tartness, but it’s there keeping things refreshing. There’s a little banana and coconut and a lot of carrot juice. It is also known as Pinova, Sonata and Corail.
  • Rockit (New this week!) : Naturally bred to be a small apple with a high red blush color. Perfect snack apple.
  • Sugarbee: High sugar levels at harvest. Nice snap in every bite. Flesh is creamy white. It is a good keeper.

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