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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 2, 2020

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NEW! Thomcord seedless grapes arriving tomorrow!  A cross between Concord and Thompson grapes, Fruit World Thompson grapes are bursting with flavor! Available in 1# clamshells and Paper Totes. California Bartletts are  a unique pear in that the skin color brightens as it ripens, unlike other varieties of pears that show little color changes as they ripen. If you like crunchy and tart eat them  when they are green.  If you like them moist and mildly sweet eat them yellow-green. If  you desire a burst of super sweet juice let them ripen until they reach a golden yellow hue. Bartletts are best eaten fresh or canned. California Golden Bosc has a warm cinnamon brown with russeting over the surface of the skin. Bosc Pears develop a complex flavor, honey-sweetness, and juiciness earlier in the ripening process than other pear varieties.  Bosc will give less than other pears when applying gentle pressure to the neck.  Their firm flesh means they retain their shape for baking, broiling and poaching.www.usapears.com

Pear Fun Facts: The pear is one of the few fruits that does not ripen on the tree. ┬áPears ripen from the inside out and need to ripen at room temperature. When the neck or stem end gives slightly to gentle pressure they are ready to eat! Download the Buyer’s Notes each week.


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