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Delightfully Turkish

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Earl’s brings you “Delightfully Turkish” Organic Dried Figs, Apricots and Mulberries in convenient small carry out packs and for the first time the figs and apricots are available in bulk.  Dedicated to the memory of his mother, Emine, whose image graces each package, Zati Uysal imports Delightfully Turkish Organic Dried Apricots and Dried Figs from his native Turkey.  Organically grown and naturally dried without any preservatives, Zati honors his mother’s legacy of respect for traditional quality and excellence with each package.

If you have never tried dried Turkish figs you will be surprised at how sweet, soft, meaty and deliciously addicting they are.  Grown near the Aegean Sea and bordered by the beautiful Bozdag Mountains, the Sari Lop variety or Calimyrna variety figs stay on the tree until they are perfectly ripe and beginning to ooze sap, guaranteeing a divinely moist and dense fig.  Mountain grown figs will have thinner skins and are more flavorful than figs grown in the valley.  The figs are not harvested until they ripen fully and begin to dry on the branches of the trees and are usually picked near the end of August or beginning of September.  This year the Agean region had rain the last three days of the harvest resulting in a smaller crop. The region benefits from relatively mild winters and hot summers, well-suited to drying the figs.  After the fruit is picked and spread under the hot Aegean sun for more intensive drying the figs are inspected to sort out any bad ones with a light technique called florescent microscopy.  The figs are then soaked in hot salt water, laid out on a rack to dry and then packaged most commonly in a round garland style.  Turkish export policies control exactly what day all figs are released for export at the same time. 

The naturally colored apricots are from Malatya in southeastern Turkey, the world famous apricot region, and are sweet, chewy and ripe with flavor. The color is darker unlike the conventional apricots that are treated with sulfate to keep the bright color orange. The apricot orchards are blessed with fertile soil nourished by the Euphrates River and are picked, dried and packaged in the same manner as the figs.  Turkey is the world’s leading apricot producer with about 65% of the worldwide production of dried apricots coming out of Malatya. 

It is best to store the dried figs and apricots in the refrigerator to keep them soft and fresh. As the dried fruit ages the sap will seep out of the fruit and start to crystalize. They are still delicious to eat as long as they remain s gooey inside

White mulberries are grown on trees that can grow as big as 20-40 feet and grow best in hot climates. The crops are small because birds will eat most of the fresh fruit before it has had a chance to dry.  Dried mulberries are harvested like pistachios. The tree is shaken and the dried fruit falls onto a net where they are transported to be finished drying.

Natural dried mulberries are first chewy and then crunchy with an essence of honey.  They are a delicious and nutritious snack with high levels of iron and protein, rich in antioxidants and packed with nutrients, especially iron, calcium, fiber and Vitamins C and K.

Mulberries are great as a snack. Add them to cereals, trail mixes, and even sweeten your granola with mulberries instead of honey. 


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