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Cuyama Honeycrisp Finishing Up

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Honeycrisp apples from Cuyama Orchards are almost done for the season.  Honeycrisp’s have a sweet flavor with very little acidity. As the name suggests they have a good crispy crunch when biting into them. Honeycrisp’s bruise very easily, so store them carefully in your refrigerator.

Honeycrisp-Cuyama (4)

Howard and Jean Albano and their son Byron are in charge of all growing, picking, packing and marketing of their 265 organic certified acres. The Albano family has been growing apples for the past 25 years in the remote mountainous area of Cuyama, surrounded by the Los Padres National forest in Santa Barbara County. Cuyama is located at an elevation of 3200 feet which brings warm days and cool nights for the dormant/chill hours apples need.  In addition the abundant native water supply and rich mineral soil produce quality harvest organic apples.

Honeycrisp-Cuyama (5)

Cuyama grows a variety of apples including Gala, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Newtown Pippin, Crimson Gold, Arkansas Black, Pink Lady and the most popular Early and Standard Fuji which is a cross between the American apples, Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. Cuyama could have California apples through April depending on supply and demand.

Try slow baked honey crisp apples in this simple recipe.


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