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Cuyama Fuji Apple

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You might remember back in the Fall of 2011 when Earl visited Cuyama Orchards in the remote mountainous area of Cuyama, surrounded by the Los Padres National forest in Santa Barbara County.  It is that time of year again and Cuyama is growing some of the most delicious California apples on the market. Cuyama is located at an elevation of 3200 feet which brings warm days and cool nights for the dormant/chill hours apples need.  In addition the abundant native water supply and rich mineral soil produce quality harvest organic apples.

We have been busy in Earl’s kitchen taste testing Fuji apples from various growers. The Cuyama Fuji apple stood out with a well-balanced flavor that finished strong. It also scored a whopping 21 in the Brix Refractometer test which measures the level of sugar in a piece of fruit.  To give you an idea of how high that is, apples are rated on a scale from 6 with low sugar to a high of 18. 21 is off the charts!

The colder the weather the higher color an apple will develop. Earl’s feels that the California Fuji is lighter in color compared to the Northwest Fuji’s because the difference in climate means more chill hours which brings a darker color to the Fuji apple. That being said we feel that the Cuyama apple is one of the best California Fuji apples out there and it continues to make its mark on consumers everywhere. Cuyama also grows Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, Pink Lady and Crimson Golden apples.

Cuyama Fuji



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