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Cunningham Avocados

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California Hass avocados are at their peak of flavor! The creaminess and flavor of a California avocado is night and day from 3 months ago.  The flavor comes from high maturity accompanied by high oil content which translates into the best tasting avocados of the season and perfect for that summer meal.


Avoid disappointment and make sure your avocado is from California. Avocados from any other geographical region will not have that full rich flavor we have come to expect from California Hass avocados during this time of year.  We feel there is absolutely no match to the flavor of the California Hass avocado.  Don’t miss this chance to eat California Hass avocados in their prime! Earl’s has delicious 48 count Cunningham avocados out of Fallbrook in San Diego county on special this week.

Earl’s employees never seem to have a problem finishing a whole avocado but in case you want to save half for later here are some tips. Save the half with the pit in it for later. Wrap it in plastic wrap and it will still be good to eat the next day.  If you need more than a day to eat your leftover avocado try storing it in a sealed container with a piece of cut up red onion.

Bon appetite!


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