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Covilli – Organic and Environmental Stewards

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We are promoting sustainable methods that translate into a more just food system. How? by offering good food to nourish our bodies, by minimizing the impact farming leaves behind in our lands and water, and by giving value to the men and women that work every aspect: from soil preparation to harvesting with expert and efficient hands, to get us the vegetables that we love and need.

This is what being organic and Fair Trade Certified means to everyone at Covilli.

We only sell what we grow- there are no outside growers or outsourcing- which allows us full control from seedling to distribution. Our operation is approx. 25% greenhouses, in ground not hydroponic, and 75% open field.


As part of our commitment towards organic purity, we enforce an intensive Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) which includes:

  • Insect Monitoring Stations: they give us a sense of population and types of insects in the area as part of our preventative program that among many things it covers.
  • Crop Rotation: This is a robust program that changes every year.
  • Beneficial Insects: Released inside the greenhouses
  • Cover Crop rotation with a small percentage of intercrop.
  • We are currently working on incorporating local mycorrhiza
  • We build our own Shade and Greenhouses based on Israeli engineering.
  • We work with a local honey producer brings hives into our farm for pollination, and later sells the honey produced locally.

Our farm’s General Manager actively participates in the Local Board of Vegetable Health and in the Vegetable and Fruit Grower Association in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico; focused on pest and disease mitigation as well as procuring state and federal funding.

As Mexican farmers we must comply with more and stricter regulations because our products cross the international border into the United States, where U.S. Customs, FDA and USDA have agricultural, food safety and pest concerns.

At Covilli, we have a strong environmental commitment: we recycle all plastic such as greenhouse covers and drip irrigation lines as well as mulching and solarisation. We also incorporate clean cardboard in our compost, which is produced using all of our farm trimmings and is fully organic. All the water utilized on our farm comes from a well within the property and our entire operation uses drip irrigation for water conservation purposes.

 Our Food Safety emphasis

Food Safety is critical to our operation. We are certified in Global Food Safety (GFS), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) making it one of the most comprehensive and complex certifications. We have taken our commitment further than most, by having the Organic and GFS (Global Food Safety) Certifications for our warehouse at Covilli’s H.Q. in Nogales, AZ., as well, which makes us organic all the way through.

About 85% of the produce that is consumed in the US is hand-picked in other countries.  Buying products labeled as Fair Trade is an easy way to support the hard-working people who grow the products that you love. At only few extra cents per pound-the Fair Trade Premium-will allow for democratically chosen projects to become a reality in Covilli’s farm worker communities.

Each of us at Covilli Brand Organics has as a set objective, contributing towards a great product that is good and meaningful, that protects our earth, our workers and their families, your children and our children; in this we take great pride. We are Growing Quality by Tradition. Truly Organic, Truly Fair.

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