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Coliman Banana Supply Improves

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As an Exclusive Regional Vendor of Earl’s Organic Produce, we are happy to report we are seeing a major improvement in our Coliman banana supply after Hurricane Patricia wiped out a significant portion of the crop last October. The fruit has matured on the new plantings and we are seeing larger banana hands and the color of the fruit is progressing nicely which is an indicator of maturity and ripeness. Supply is strong!

As a thank you to our customers who supported our banana program through the circumstances caused by Hurricane Patricia, we are continuing our banana ad throughout the month of May.

As the first Mexican grower to obtain the Organic Fair Trade certification for bananas in 2014, Coliman Organics “goal is to provide only the best fresh bananas in the marketplace while ensuring that our teams of workers on the field can earn a decent and dignified livelihood, but more importantly, live a just and dignified life for them and their family.” Earl’s Organic is committed to partnering with Coliman Organics to bring our customers a consistent supply of high quality organic bananas year round.


Earl’s Organic Produce has the only organic banana ripening facility on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market




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