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Coastal View Produce California Organic Asparagus

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California Organic Asparagus from Coastal View Produce in the Salinas Valley is a sure sign Spring is here!  As the first golden rays light up the morning sky -on any given morning- you will find Ron Mondo out in the fields, meeting with supervisors and field operations managers. His is not a 9-5 job. Ron Mondo is a second generation farmer who grew up in Santa Cruz, California. Ron’s grandparents migrated from the Piedmont region of Italy known for its agricultural and wine production.  Growing up in Santa Cruz, Ron was surrounded by sunny beaches and the bountiful agricultural land of the Watsonville valley.  Ron learned all about being an environmental steward and protecting the land for the next generations from his father, the late John Mondo.

“One of my earliest and fondest memories, is riding in the truck with my father. We would go out and inspect the fruits of his labor. As I grew older, during the summer months, I worked in those exact same fields, learning all the basics of farming and techniques handed down from generation to generation”, states Ron Mondo.

In 2000, Ron partnered up with the Ippolito family and established Ippolito International on the west coast. In 2018, Ron took over the reins of Coastal View Produce from a longtime family friend, the Violini family, and ventured into the asparagus market.  For over 35 years Coastal View Produce has been growing high-quality, organic asparagus in between the Santa Lucia and Gabilan mountain ranges in the heart of the Salinas Valley.  The Mediterranean climate and fertile soil make it an ideal growing region for asparagus. The weather is never too hot or too cold, staying around 65-75 degrees.  Ron and his team are busy insuring the asparagus crop is tended to daily. Ron’s team is busy inspecting, harvesting, packing and shipping asparagus from sunup to sundown.  With over 170 acres of organic asparagus Coastal View Farms is committed to growing the asparagus category.

Coastal View Produce relies on a practical, yet holistic approach to keeping their farm sustainable.  This involves respecting the farmland’s surrounding ecosystems and unique biodiversities; managing inputs, including water, energy, and packaging materials conservatively while seeking to maximize the production outputs as efficiently as possible. This includes analyzing soils regularly and amending and fertilizing as needed; and using an integrated pest management system to limit what is applied to crops. 

Weather dependent, the season starts up in February and runs through July 4th.

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