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California Citrus Update

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The California citrus season kicks off each year with Satsuma Mandarins in November and continues into March/April with such delicious varieties as the Cara Cara, Blood Orange, Minneola, a variety of Mandarins and of course grapefruits. Click here for more information on these delicious citrus varieties.

In the United States citrus can be grown in a narrow area that extends from northern California (think Side Hill Satsumas north of Sacramento), to central California, think Fresno, and down to southern California , mostly in San Diego County and California’s Coachella Valley (Palm Springs down to El Centro).  The area continues eastward through the low-elevation deserts of Arizona, into southern Texas, along the Gulf Coast and south through Florida. (Lance Walheim, Citrus A Complete Guide).

   What to expect over the next few months:

  • The California Navel season has about two weeks left until the season starts up again at the end of the year.
  • The Mexican Valencia season is winding down as temperatures heat up. Although Valencias like the heat, once it gets above 100 degrees Fahrenheit the quality of the fruit is comprised.
  • As the winter citrus season is ending, the California Valencia season is starting up out of Riverside, in Southern California. With all citrus, the first fruit off the tree will be lower in sugar and higher in acid. For an early piece of fruit we feel the Valencias have very good flavor. Look for specials just in time for mimosas on Mother’s Day! Valencias are the go to citrus for juicing and eating out of hand as we move into summer when the sweetness and flavor is at its peak.  The season will continue into September/October and we will be offering both retail and juicing grades to our customers. Check out our weekly specials posted each week on our website.


Fun Facts:

  • Two to four medium oranges = 1 cup of juice
  • Two medium oranges = 1 cup of bite-size pieces
  • One medium orange = 10 to 12 sections
  • One medium orange = 4 teaspoons of grated peel




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