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California blueberries in the winter!

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You saw Forbidden Fruit blueberries last week and we are excited to tell you that we will continue to have them sporadically for at least the next few weeks.  Although grower Sandy Davis’s regular production starts in March, weather allowing, we enjoy small shipments in the fall and winter. This is due to numerous factors such as blueberry varietals, farming techniques and weather.


Forbidden Fruit grower Sandy Davis has chosen the blueberry varietals that match her temperate conditions which average around 75 degrees for most of the year.  Forbidden Fruit is located about 15 miles from the ocean in Lompoc, Pinot Noir country in northern Santa Barbara County.  Sandy takes care of her blueberry bushes by pruning them in the late summer.  This helps the harvest continue through the fall and into February/March if she is lucky, when she is one of the few farmers with organic California blueberries.  Blueberries are completely dependent on the weather, affecting not only the amount of blueberries she will harvest but also the flavor.  When the weather is above 70 degrees the blueberries will be sweeter. As the days become shorter and the temperature dips below 70 there will be less ripening which means the blueberries will be less sweet and more tart. When Sandy knows the rain is coming she will pick earlier to avoid blueberries that are cracked or split.  The flavor will be tarter because the blueberries have had less time to ripen. If there is a freeze and the weather stays under 31 for a long time the entire blueberry crop will be ruined.

As winter approaches Sandy is working week to week because you can’t predict the weather too far ahead.  Each week we can look forward to a different flavor but we know the Forbidden Blueberries will always be delicious. Check back with us for updates.


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