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Ben’s Time On The Farm Comes To An End

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It’s been about a month since I packed my bags and said my farewells to Tutti Frutti Farm, and the transition back to city life leaves much to be desired.  I long to drive through the rolling hills of the Santa Rosa Valley, covered with twisted and contorted oak trees, manicured with beautifully straight rows of crops, and home to birds and creatures of every kind.  I yearn to walk through the many tunnels of ripening tomatoes, to monitor the progress of  developing winter squash plants, and to dig for potatoes and onions.  Though it will take more time for me to sort through the various pieces of information I picked up while on the farms, I can safely say I’ve come away with a deeper and more complex understanding of the processes of farming and of food distribution.  From seasonality and market influences to strategies for planting and harvesting, from basic botany to experimental farming techniques, from entrepreneurial inspiration to the exposure of endless opportunities for social activism and environmental betterment, I leave the farm inspired and with a new appreciation for the importance of organic produce and sustainable farming practices.  My experience at Tutti Frutti has been invaluable, and I am indebted to the Cadwell family and to Earl for allowing it to happen.

Santa Ynez River

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