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Avocados and Super Bowl Go Together

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Super Bowl is this Sunday and I plan to make a big batch of guacamole.  You need to start with flavorful avocados to make the best tasting guacamole. Buyers need to know that hass avocados are coming out of both Mexico and California with very different flavor profiles. The Mexican avocado is further along in the season and it is more mature piece of fruit with a higher oil content and a rich and creamy flavor. A good indicator of high oil content is a beautiful deep mustard colored flesh around the pit bordered by a deep green ring. Another indicator of a mature piece of fruit is how easily it separates from the pit. An immature or young piece of fruit will cling tightly to the pit and leave pieces of flesh behind.

Avocado hass

The California season is just starting up in the San Diego County area. The oil content will be lower and the flesh will be a light green color.  For the best tasting piece of fruit we recommend buying Mexican until the California avocado develops a higher oil content.

Avocados do not ripen on the tree.  When buying avocados you need to consider the time it takes to ripen before you can make your amazing guacamole.  The Mexican avocado will ripen much faster and with less than 4 days left to the Super Bowl this is the best choice. The California avocado could take up to 7 days to ripen and will not be as rich in flavor. To speed up the ripening process put your avocados in a paper bag with an apple. The natural ethylene gas produced from the fruit will help to ripen them quicker. The skin of a ripe hass avocado will turn a darker color and will have a little give when applying gentle pressure.  Please share your favorite avocado recipes for Super Bowl Sunday on our Facebook page.


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