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Announcing Tutti Frutti Organic Heirloom Pomodoro Sauce

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Old World Recipe

New World Flavor!

Chris Cadwell from Tutti Frutti Farms has partnered with Chef Michael DePaola to create an organic heirloom pomodoro sauce bursting with dry-farmed, vine ripened tomato flavor. Dry farming brings out the plump, juicy, intense flavors that Tutti Frutti tomatoes are known for. Chris harvests the tomatoes once a year at the peak of ripeness to showcase their natural sweetness. The onions, basil and garlic in the sauce are grown exclusively by Tutti Frutti Farms for this unique, one of a kind sauce.

A fifth generation farmer, Chris Cadwell and his wife, Cornelia, started Tutti Frutti Farms (Italian for “all fruits”) in 1988. They have been dedicated to strictly organic growing practices from the start, specializing in heirloom tomatoes.

Michael DePaola and his family have owned Family-Style Italian Restaurants in Santa Barbara for the last 32 years. Through their businesses the Cadwells and DePaolas have had a long lasting relationship. They have now collaborated to bring you this organic Pomodoro sauce – combining a classic recipe with fresh, ripe tomatoes grown exclusively in Central California by Tutti Frutti Farms.

Now available at Earl’s Organic.

















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