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10 months later… An update on Covilli’s Fair Trade Program

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From the desk of Iris Madrigal, Marketing Manager Covilli Brand Organics.

It seems like yesterday when we announced loud and clear that we had obtained our Fair Trade Certification. Having the Fair Trade seal makes official to our customers what they can’t see for themselves in regards to our fair and decent behavior as employers: safe working conditions, access to healthcare and education for workers’ children; regulated working hours as well as rest and sick days.

25 years after our founder Terry Poiriez began this journey, Covilli Brand Organics is being run by second generation successors who continue to fulfill his legacy of integrity and equitability that are Covilli’s core values.

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The way we treat our land, our customers and more specifically our employees, reflects on our Organic, Food Safety and Fair Trade Certifications.

Covilli has a deep commitment to the Fair Trade program and employees, to show for it, we chose to sell EVERYTHING as Fair Trade only which might make us the first and only grower-shipper who is 100% Organic AND Fair Trade.

Buying ANY of Covilli’s Fair Trade products is an easy way to support the hard-working people who grow the products that you love. At only few extra cents per pound-the Fair Trade Premium-will allow for democratically chosen projects to become a reality in our farm worker communities; this is empowerment through decision making: “what is the best for all of us?” and “how can we achieve it?”

What can we report 10 months after our Fair Trade Certification?

Well, we are extremely grateful for our customers, who are more like partners that have wholeheartedly supported our Fair Trade program and efforts. Premiums rolled in and add up to $250,000.00 dollars!!! This money is in possession of our farmworkers’ Association – “Nuchi Sansekan” in their zapoteco indigenous language, means All Together.

The first step towards investing the Fair Trade premium, that being the money collected, is to evaluate the worker’s specific needs through a “Basic Needs Evaluation”. The evaluation’s main objective is to provide useful information that helps identify specific needs and therefore, precise use for the Premium.  Covilli is in the process of gathering the opinions and needs of every single employee. The Fair Trade Premium can positively impact and transform the livelihood of our farmworkers and their families and the Basic Needs Evaluation is the first best step.

Covilli is starting their 2016-17 season; we are expanding and incorporating new projects that will allow us to provide a better service for you. As our slogans say: we are Growing Quality by Tradition. Make your purchase count and support farmworker empowerment.

Truly Organic, Truly Fair and Truly Grateful.


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