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Archive for August, 2021

Traceland Avocados Morro Bay

We are into our second week of delicious California avocados from Traceland in Morro Bay.  Traceland is located in Cayucos near the ocean on the central coast and about 20 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo where the unique geography and climate allows year round growing conditions without high heat or killing frosts.  Cayucos sits in a small area of coastal land defined by the Santa Lucia mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The ocean cools the hot summers and warms the cold winters.  The land is bisected at various places along its length by wild creeks that flow unimpeded from the coast range to the ocean providing the copious amounts of water avocado trees need to fruit.       

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Ron Trace-In the middle, Jesse Trace-On the right

Ron, Gail and their twin sons moved to Cayucos in 1998 from Chicago.  In 2005 they planted their 6 acre avocado orchard with a goal to grow organic avocados as sustainably as possible.  The avocado trees are planted on natural slopes and not man made terraces, which affects the drainage.  He also puts down composted manures, organic minerals and wood chip mulches to fertilize the trees.  Cover crops of native grasses are used to produce natural nitrogen, honey bees are used for fruit production and predator insects for biological disease control.  Weeds are pulled by hand and they even trap gophers by hand.

Traceland is also unique because they hand pick all of the avocados and deliver them to Earl’s within 24 hours of picking! The flavor is very creamy and rich in oil content. We feel it is the best eating avocado of the season.

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Jesse from Traceland Avocados

Remember that a California avocado will be very mature, high in oil and needs to be eaten firm. Mexican avocados are now starting to show up in your grocery store. Buyer beware! Mexican avocados are the first of the season and will eat differently. They will not be as flavorful as a California avocado and can ripen unevenly.

Califoria Keitt Mangos

Fragrant California Keitt mangos from Coachella Valley in Southern California are one of Earl’s employee’s favorite mangos.  They are super juicy and sweet with almost no stringy fibers and a smaller pit than other mangos which means more flesh to eat. Don’t shy away from these green mangos because Keitts stay green even when ripe.

Buttery Smooth California Keitt Mango

The California Keitt mango season is finally here!  This unique domestic mango does not have to travel far and is left on the tree until it has developed a high level of maturity and sweet flavor. Organic California Keitts are grown in the Coachella Valley, which runs for about 45 miles in Riverside County from Palm Springs to the northern part of the Salton Sea.

California Keitt mangoes are super juicy and sweet with almost no stringy fibers and a small pit which means more fruit to eat. Deemed as one of the best tasting mangos by many people, this domestic tropical fruit is impressive in both its strikingly large size and beautiful green color.One bite of the delicious smooth flesh and you will be back for more! Don’t shy away from these green mangos because Keitts stay green even when ripe.

Keitts are also extra special because they are not subjected to the stress of a hot water bath, as most imported mangos are, contributing to a delicious eating experience.  Almost all imported mangos are hot water treated to eliminate fruit flies and fruit fly larvae. The mangoes are put into a hot water bath (115-118 F) anywhere from 5-10 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 80-85 degrees.

Ripening Tips

*Don’t be deterred by the Keitt’s green skin which stays green even when ripe.

*Ripen your mangos up on your counter at room temperature. Mangos do not like the cold and can develop chill damage if stored in the refrigerator.

*You will know they are ready to eat when they yield slightly to gentle pressure.

The season is very short and lasts only about 4-6 weeks. This California grown tropical fruit is not to be missed!

Now Hiring: Warehouse Receiver

The Receiver position is responsible for the safe, timely and accurate receipt of produce and miscellaneous items ordered and placed in specified areas of the warehouse. The Receiver must follow proper procedures for receiving all products entering the facility including verifying actual product against Bill of Lading, confirming product quality, and checking product temperatures as needed. 


  • Receive product:
    • Verify that quantities on Purchase Order match Bill of Lading;  
    • Enter all information into our system data base Received Goods; 
    • Quality Inspections of all products to ensure EOP quality standards are met;
  • Work with Purchasing department  on specific needs and questions regarding daily receiving and reports;
  • Ensure that each product  is cooled to its optimum temperature in the shortest amount of time, following the cold chain and storage in rotation correctly; 
  • Establish and maintain good, positive working relationships with growers and delivery drivers; 
  • Be an effective advocate of the company and organization by always striving to ship the highest quality products;
  • Regularly communicate ideas and concerns to Warehouse Supervisor;
  • Ensure work is performed safely at all times;
  • Wear proper safety equipment at all times;
  • Punctuality and regular and reliable attendance. 

Perform other duties as directed, developed or assigned.




  • Education and/or Experience: Minimum High School degree required. SerSafe certification preferred. Minimum one year experience in Agriculture Receiving, Cooling & Shipping required. Ability to learn cooling management system, including cooling methods to maintain the cold chain.  
  • Language Skills: Excellent Communication skills including reading, writing, and verbally communicating effectively and professionally with other business departments, customers, and vendors. Ability to diplomatically deal with difficult situations and people while exhibiting a consistent level of professionalism.  Bilingual in Spanish preferred. 
  • Technical Skills:  Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite and Warehouse Inventory software.
  • Reasoning Ability: Ability to think independently and to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of different situations without set guidelines. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, report or schedule form.
  • Equipment: Operate equipment such as, but not limited to, forklift, stand up pallet jack, electric pallet jack, computer, calculator, copier, phone.
  • Other Skills & Abilities: Must be able to work variable hours, days, weekends & Holidays. Ability to multi task and prioritize in a time-pressured environment.  Excellent organizational skills. High accuracy in work with attention to detail.  Ability to complete projects in a timely manner. Ability to get along and work cooperatively with others.  Positive and professional attitude.  Ability to respond positively to constructive feedback.  Ability to manage a project from its initiation to completion with minimal supervision.  Solution-oriented attitude with willingness to proactively solve issues.


  • Stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of day.  Estimate 90% of time is spent on feet and 10% sitting at desk.
  • Have constant need to perform the following physical activities: bending/stooping/squatting, climbing stairs, pushing, pulling, twisting, lifting and reaching above shoulders. 
  • Have frequent need to perform standing and walking activities.
  • Consistent need to perform the following physical activities: writing/typing, grasping/turning, finger dexterity.
  • Lifting/carrying up to 50 lbs. frequently and over 50 lbs. occasionally.  
  • Vision requirements:  consistent need to complete forms, view computer screen.  Frequent need to see small detail.  Frequent need to see things clearly beyond arm’s reach.
  • Hearing requirements:  consistent need to communicate over telephone and in person.

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 22, 2021

Watermelon bins will be available for Labor Day weekend! We highly suggest you put in your pre-orders with your Earl’s Sales rep early. The Pacific Northwest Stone Fruit season is wrapping up for the most part. We may see a sporadic land here and there. California white peaches and nectarines are done. California yellow peaches and nectarines will push through October. We will see a small hit of dapple dandy and flavor pluots. Maywood Figs have slowed down as heavy smoke surrounds the orchards and limits harvesting time. Calo is experiencing low yields and small sizing on carrots due to the excessive summer heat.  Expect cellos, table, cliptops and baby peeled carrots to be tight for the next 2-3 months until the Fall/Winter carrot fields start up in November. Broccoli quality is improving, and prices are historically higher than usual. Celery continues to be an excellent deal from multiple growers.  Sun Valley continues to have good supply on Purple and Orange Cauliflower. La Granjita Organica has started their season with Serranos, Poblanos and Anaheim Peppers, Indigo Rose Cherry Tomatoes and the much awaited Watermelon Gherkins in sustainable 100% recyclable Readycycle packaging! Also known as Mexican Sour Gherkins, they are the size of haba beans, look like watermelons, but are sour on the inside.


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