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Archive for February, 2020

Earl’s Organic Produce joins the Organic Trade Association, advancing their mission to promote and protect organic agriculture


San Francisco, CA (February 25, 2020) – Earl’s Organic Produce joins the Organic Trade Association, the leading voice for the organic trade in the United States, representing over 9,500 organic businesses across 50 states. Founded in 1985, the Organic Trade Association represents 35 years of involvement encouraging and protecting organic farming practices.  

 “We are excited to be a part of the vast organic resources available to Organic Trade Association members and we are always looking at opportunities to serve the organic produce industry,” said Earl Herrick, owner of Earl’s Organic.  “We look forward to working with the Organic Trade Association to influence organic legislature and to take a leadership role in organic produce task forces, discussions and forums.”

Earl’s Organic Produce has been the only 100% organic produce wholesaler on the San Francisco Produce Market for 32 years. Earl’s promotes organic agriculture and a sustainable food trade while cultivating enduring partnerships with growers and customers.  Earl’s operates on the principles of innovation, education, and superior customer service to distribute premium certified organic fruits and vegetables to their diverse customer base.  Their fleet of trucks reaches from the California Central Coast to the California-Oregon border east to the Sierra Foothills.


Susan Simitz
Marketing Manager
Earl’s Organic Produce


Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 24, 2020

Our first taste of California asparagus from Coastal View Produce in Gonzales is here!  The nights are still pretty cool in Gonzales so we may be tight on the front side of the week but it is time to get excited about local asparagus! Download the buyer’s notes and CVP POS card for your retail display here!

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 16, 2020

Crespo Ataulfo Mangos from Mexico are here! This tropical fruit has a rich, buttery carmel-sweet flavor.  It is the only fiberless varietal out of Mexico with a small, thin pit that is easy to cut.  When fully ripe, the Ataulfo will get wrinkly. Don’t be afraid! This is when it tastes the most delicious. Download the buyer’s notes.

Winter Citrus Guide

We are in peak California Citrus season! Download our winter citrus guide and don’t miss one delicious bite!

In the United States citrus can be grown in a narrow area that extends from northern California(think Side Hill Satsumas north of Sacramento), to central California, think Fresno, and down to southern California , mostly in San Diego County and California’s Coachella Valley (Palm Springs down to El Centro).  The area continues eastward through the low-elevation deserts of Arizona, into southern Texas, along the Gulf Coast and south through Florida.  (Lance Walheim, Citrus A Complete Guide)

Earl’s Organic sources the majority of our citrus from California and occasionally Mexico during their season. Climate has an effect on the color, flavor, size and shape of the citrus that can be grown. California has dry summers with cool nights and the cooler nights common in the fall and winter produce citrus with more brightly colored rinds.

Nagami Kumquats

One of my favorite fruits this winter is the versatile tiny Kumquat.  It is unique in its size, averaging about an inch long and in its flavor, where the sweetness comes from the rind instead of the flesh You don’t have to peel them and they are small enough to pop in your mouth.  I also love to slice them up and mix them in a salad, salsa or a smoothie.

The oval shaped Nagami is the most commonly sold with a sweet rind and very tart flesh.  You are in for a powerful sensory experience as the ZING of the sourness hits your taste buds and your mouth puckers up.


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